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Improve Siri with Chat GPT

Follow these steps to add Chat GPT knowledge to Siri:

Go to and log in. Click on “create new secret key” and copy it (we’ll need it later).
Add the “Inteligente sin API” shortcut ➡️ Click here
Edit the shortcut by clicking on the three dots.
In the first text field, paste the API key that you copied.
Change the “¿Que quieres saber?” section to “How can I help?”
Rename the shortcut using the arrow at the top (I’ll call it “Siri Pro”).
Click “done” to save the shortcut.
Run the shortcut and type something in the text field, then click “done”.
Allow access to everything that the shortcut requests.
Test the shortcut to make sure it’s working.

You’re done! Now, when you say “start Siri Pro” to Siri and ask a question, you’ll get the same answers as Chat GPT.