我爱你 www.woaini.li (domain6000,-)

Gaby Smith (Name20,-) Aghata Sterling (Link50,-)


Gabi Smith

I love you

Do you want to marry me?


your Peter Nowitzki

I love You (Messages88,-)


Gabi Smith, i love you. your Igor Mirow


I kill you Igor. She is mine. Peter Nowitzki


Are you crazy, Igor? First you ask me, then you tell in public that you love Gabi. I hate you. Agatha


Sorry, I just copy-paste wrong. My mistake. I realy only love you Agatha. I even don"t know Gabi. Please Honey become my wife. Igor


Thank you, Igor. I will never forget our time. Specially the day before my wedding. XOXO Gabi


Agatha, it seems here is something wrong with your boy. So i ask you: Do you want to marry me? Rolf


No, sorry. I love Nelly. Agatha



What? all crazy here? Nelly


Searching a wife for my grandson. His salary is 4000,-. He is living in an apartment now. For the wedding, i will give a 5 room flat (+link50,-) and his parents buy a Ford (+link50,-). E-Mail (+E-Mail88,-)


That page is crazy. cactus

Agatha Sterling (Article120,-)

I love you since the first time i saw you. Please marry me.


You remember the first cake?

I remember the first lake.

You know what we made, pieces and ate?

just say "yes".

your Igor Mirow

Rolf Baker (Article120,-)

You never asked, so its my turn now: MARRY ME!!!


We are now together for one year and often we thought about our future. Now i ask you for staying together all life. Please say yes and I make you happy.

your Nelly Petrowa